We love to work with you to put together a bespoke evening of entertainment that you'll always remember. We offer all sorts of options for you to customise your event or party for your ultimate satisfaction. We can provide dancers, rappers, DJs, percussion, extra brass and vocals, all the way up to a full orchestra and choir if your budget stretches to it. Some of Space UK's players have been musical directors on live tours for Westlife, Kylie and Sigma, all the way up to Russell Watson with a full symphony orchestra and 80 piece choir, so you can rest assured we have the know-how to deliver whatever it takes to meet your event's requirements.

"We used Space UK for three events in a row and every time the dance floor was packed. What more could you want for your party?" Specsavers

Space UK

Space UK feature 2 vocals (male and female), keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet. They are the perfect size for mixing up classic soul sets with current chart hits, with a cutting-edge sound that guests will talk about for ever.

Book A DJ

Anita has worked with Tiesto, Fedde le Grande and Stonebridge amongst others, so she knows a good DJ when she hears one! We work with the best DJ's who bring the crowd to fever pitch and will keep the dance floor filled long after Space UK have left the building.


Dancers always make an event special. They look great, work with the band to get the crowd involved and encourage those who are a little nervous to get down and shake their thing on the dance floor. Just the thing to make your event extra special!


For the rap and hip-hop enthusiasts in your crowd, as a pre-arranged section of Space UK's performance, we can arrange a feature from our network of rappers to bring the energy and phatness of the spoken word to your event.

Extra Vocals

If you're a big fan of soul bands, you probably love vocal harmonies. We've worked with The Temptations, Heatwave and Chaka Khan and they are ALL about the vocals! Now you can experience the sound of these artists by booking Space UK with extra vocals.


A band with percussion adds excitement to the overall live experience, especially if you like a groove in your dance music. In conjunction with a full brass section, percussion puts the icing on the cake and brings dynamism to the show. Very popular also with DJs.

Extra Brass

Songs by Earth Wind And Fire, Incognito, Tower Of Power, artists from Motown, Atlantic and Stax, NEED a big brass section! Brass adds maximum energy to the band's sound. Add one to four brass players to bring the full force of the funk to your big day!

Lounge Jazz

Many of our clients like to start the evening off with a drinks reception with cool, sophisticated jazz playing in the background. We can provide anything from a jazz duo to a full swing band for the smooth jazz lovers - just mention it on your booking form.

Piano For Cocktails

There's nothing cooler than a solo piano playing in the background while your guests sip away at their cocktails. We can provide relaxing piano music to soothe your guests before they get into the full swing of things. Everything from smooth jazz to classical.

String Quartet

A little known fact - Anita was a featured vocalist on the very first Bond album. Not a lot of people know that. If you want a string quartet to play you up the aisle, provide background music or serenade you sweetly during dinner, just ask us, we can pull a few strings!

Hora Set

We love playing the Hora set at Jewish weddings because the crowd are always up for it from the get go! From traditional horas like 'Siman Tov, Mazel Tov', 'David Melech Israel' and more besides. We can book native Israeli singers too for a really authentic experience.


If you need an organist for the wedding march, a trumpet voluntary, a guitarist to accompany a serenade sung by your guest, or an accompanied vocalist for that special song that will make you and your partner's day perfect, please ask about our ceremony add-ons.

Awards Ceremonies

There's quite an art to playing award ceremonies, it's not just about playing a few tunes - timing is EVERYTHING. Space UK have played some massive award ceremonies at the Grosvenor House and NEC Birmingham and have it down to a fine art.

Fashion Shows

Fashion is not just about the look, sound design is important too. You already know that we're meticulous in getting our sound right, let us work with you on a concept, whether 'prohibition jazz' or 'dirty electro', we can help make your show the most chic in town.

Complete Music Package

You get the idea - we can tailor your event to practically any scenario. We have all the resources, the personnel, the experience and the know-how to give you everything you need musically, so why not ask us to plan the music for your entire event?