Music For A Wedding Reception

Your Wedding Is The Most Important Day In Your Life

Many people let the budget dictate what kind of band they hire for their special event, resulting in disappointment and exceedingly lack-lustre celebrations. You wouldn't hire someone who is a part-time accountant or lawyer to fill in your tax returns or organise your will, would you? Most bands on the wedding circuit are the musical equivalent, working on weekends, or 'professional' musicians such as teachers, musicians who only play in function bands, D-list celebrities and so on, not performers who are in demand in the places where it matters, delivering spine-tingling performances with the world's foremost artists every day of the week.

If you're after the best, given the choice, why wouldn't you make sure you book musicians and singers who are award winners, highly acclaimed by the industry and whose work is known around the world? All we're saying is, don't ruin the most important day in your life by hiring less than the best.